Refractories for Hazardous Waste Incineration Rotary Kiln

October 27, 2020

Refractory material used in hazardous waste incinerator rotary kiln are calcined with complex and unstable components.The purpose of calcination is to incinerate hazardous waste into slag and to reduce the residue’s heat reduction rate to less than 5%.when there is no crust in the kiln,the refractory selection method of hazardous waste incinerator rotary kiln is completely different form that of rotary kiln.

For refractory materials used in rotary kiln for hazardous waste treatment,the chemical composition of hazardous waste is complex due to its various types,so it is decided that the chemical composition of hazardous waste is incinerated at 700-1000 temperature in rotary kilns, and the main composition of gas release after calcination of hazardous waste is sligghtly acidic.

In refractory, refractory castable to acidic gas has good stability, AL2O3 SiO2 waste rotary kiln is a good corrosion resistance and castable refractory, when choosing refractory material, not the selection of refractory products, Fe2O3 content as much as possible because of Fe2O3 FeCL3 reacts with chlorine gas, the gas phase, volatile and overbalance the refractory brick, the cement rotary kiln is commonly used in the corrosion resistance of environmental protection product Magnesia iron spinel brick, in the hazardous waste rotary kiln refractory material selection is not appropriate, in the hazardous waste rotary kiln feed and outlet castable, should also be selected low cement castable, because the cement CaO and chlorine reaction, the formation of liquid phase CaC1 will reduce the heat resistance and high temperature stability of the castable.

In the selection of refractory materials, hazardous waste rotary kiln should use refractory materials with good wear resistance, thermal shock stability and corrosion resistance. The production process of hazardous waste rotary kiln generally adopts the downstream incineration process. The fuel primary wind hazardous waste enters from one direction and the length of the kiln is relatively short (the length-diameter ratio is generally only 3-5m). The reaction in the kiln is simple, that is, the combustion oxidation reaction. Among the current mainstream products, mullite sic brick is a more suitable product, and the castable material can be chosen mullite.

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