Carbon Bricks

Carbon bricks, as the name suggests, are chemically composed of carbon. The raw materials of carbon bricks are coke(metallurgical coke, petrol coke or pitch coke), graphite or heat treated anthracite. Carbon containing organic binders(tar, pitch and so on) are often used as binders. According to graphite content, carbon based bricks are classified into carbon bricks, artificial graphite bricks and semi graphite carbon bricks.

  Carbon Bricks Properties

High refractoriness and high refractoriness under load.

Good thermal shock resistance.

Good resistance to molten slag or iron liquid impregnation.

Excellent resistance to various kinds of salts and organic materials corrosion.

Strong slag erosion resistance, good high hot volume stability.

High mechanical strength, good abrasion resistance.

Excellent thermal conductivity.


Carbon bricks are widely used in different applications, such as blast furnace carbon bricks, electric furnace carbon bricks, calcium carbide furnace carbon bricks, aluminum electrolytic cell cathode carbon blocks(semi graphite cathode carbon blocks) and so on.

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