Catalyst Honeycomb Carrier

Shape: square honeycomb

Cell type: square

Cell density: 32/c㎡

Carrier specific surface area: ≥120m2/g


Catalyst for catalytic combustion uses cordierite honeycomb ceramic body as the first carrier,y-Al2O3。 as the second carrier, and noble metal Pd. PL. etc, as the main active component. which is prepared by the method of inefficient distribution of high dispersion rate, a new and fficient organic waste gas purification catalyst.

Low gas flow resistance. low reaction initiation temperature. high activity. wide range of airspeed adaplation. when the concentration of hydrocarbon organic matter is in the range of 2000- 8000mg/ m3. the reaction space velocity is 10000~ 30000h-1. and the reaction gas inlet temperature is 180- 400'C. the purification effect is≥98%. 

It has good heat resistance and can withstand short-term impact at 900℃

Long service life. generally 1-3 years according to normal operation requirements


It has a wide range of aplications and is suitable for the treatment of industrial organic waste gases which containing carbon monoxide. hydrocarbons and their oxygen- containing derivatives such as petrochemical. enameled wire. coating and printing.

Exhaust gases containing aromatic hydrocarbons. oxygen- containing organic substances and harmful substances such as carbon monoxide emitted from industries such as chemical. food, machinery. instrumentation. household apllances. baking paint, insulating materials. and color steel manufacturina are. anlicahle.

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