Fused Corundum Bricks

Fused corundum bricks are the hot sale refractory bricks, in which corundum is the main crystalline phase. Al2O3 content in fused corundum bricks is higher than 93%. Thermal shock stability of fused corundum brick is related to its bulk density. Dense products have good corrosion resistance but poor thermal shock stability. fused corundum bricks are further classified into fused α-corundum bricks, fused α-β corundum bricks and fused β-corundum bricks.

  Technical Data:

Items Fused Cast Alumina Fused Cast Alumina Fused Cast Alumina
α-β Alumina RS-M α-Alumina RS-A β-Alumina  RS-H
Chemical Composition % Al2O3 94 98.5 93
SiO2 1 0.4 -
NaO2 4 0.9 6.5
Other oxides 1 0.2 0.5
Crystallographic Analysis %


α-Al2O3 44 90 -
β-Al2O3 55 4 99
Vitreous Phase 1 6 1


It is mainly used in iron-making furnace and blast furnace hot blast stove, refining furnace outside steel-making furnace, sliding water device, glass furnace and petrochemical industrial furnace.

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