Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Impurities such as B2O3, SiO2 and so on are lower than standards.

High purity flake graphite(C≥96%) is adopted, so corrosion resistance, spalling resistance, high temperature strength, anti-oxidization property of magnesia bricks are greatly improved.

Antioxidants, such as Al, Si, SiC, Al-Mg and so on are added into raw material to avoid the decarburization of graphite.

RS brand magnesia carbon bricks adopt phenolic resign as binder, because it has high residual carbon rate, good adhesion ability to magnesia and graphite and good workability at room temperature.


Magnesia carbon bricks are made from magnesite clinker and graphite raw materials. They synthesize the advantages of magnesia bricks and carbon bricks. Graphite features in good thermal conductivity and excellent slag impregnation resistance, so Graphite is added into magnesia raw material to make composite magnesia carbon bricks. Magnesia carbon bricks don’t need high temperature sintering, so compared with traditional fired magnesia dolomite bricks, fuel consumption is saved at least 80%.

  Technical Data:

Item MT10A MT10B MT14A MT14B MT18A MT18B
MgO %≥ 80 78 76 74 72 70
C % ≥ 10 10 14 14 18 18
Apparent porosity % ≤ 4 5 4 5 3 4
Bulk density g/cm3 2.9 2.85 2.9 2.82 2.9 2.8
Crushing strength Mpa ≥ 40 35 40 35 40 35
Modulus of rupture Mpa ≥ 6 5 10 8 9 7


Magnesia carbon bricks are widely used in converters, and their performance is very good, unit refractory consumption is significantly reduced. Besides, MgO-C bricks are also widely used in high power electric furnace wall hot point, secondary refining furnace inner lining, steel ladle slag line and so on. When magnesia carbon bricks are applied in steel ladles, they should not contact with SiO2 containing refractory, or magnesia carbon bricks will have larger molten erosion.

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