Blast Furnace Iron Trough Castable

Different types of refractory materials can be used as per the types of iron troughs. Iron storing troughs in middle and large scale steel mills usually adopt Al-Si-C series castable. Iron trough and slag trough castable has high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, good flowability, and can be quickly dried. Iron trough castable should also has excellent thermal shock resistance.

  Technical Data:

Material Alumina silicon carbide carbon castable Alumina silicon carbide carbon castable Alumina silicon carbide carbon castable High alumina silicon carbide castable
Application Main trough slag line Main trough iron line Main trough iron line Main trough slag line
Al2O3 % 60 83 77 56.9
SiC % 37 12 11 32
SiO2 % 2.5 2.5 / /
C % 1~3 1~3 2 2
Bulk density g/cm3(1450℃,3h) 2.78 2.98 2.84 2.69
Compression strength Mpa(1450℃,3h) 50 50 35.8 /
Reheating linear change rate %(1450℃,2h) -0.2~0.6 -0.2~0.6 -0.2~0.6 -0.1~0.2


Alumina silicon carbide carbon castable is mainly used for the casting of blast furnace iron trough. Alumina silicon carbide carbon castable’s main materials are fused corundum(or sintered corundum, special grade bauxite clinker), graphite contains 90%~95% fixed carbon, silicon carbide and so on.

The development of self flow Al-Si-C castable brings lots of convenience for casting construction. The unit refractory consumption of per ton iron is significantly decreased with the improvement of castable quality.

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