Thermal Shock Resistant Castable

The main raw materials of thermal shock resistant castable is synthesized material, high quality composite binders, ultra fine micro powder and so on. It features in excellent thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness, high mechanical strength and so on.

  Technical Data:

Item Condition Unit Index
Bulk density 110℃,24h g/cm3 ≥2.4
Crushing strength 110℃,24h MPa ≥60
Modulus of rupture 110℃,24h MPa ≥12
Thermal shock resistance 900℃, water cooling Times ≥30
Abrasion resistance ASTM-704 Cc ≤ 6
Max. working temperature   ≥1650


Thermal shock resistant castable can ensure the integrity of CFB boiler working lining, it is especially suitable for the parts of CFB boiler with larger temperature fluctuation, such as ignition air flue, water cooling air chamber and so on.

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