Wearing Resistant Plastic Refractory

Wearing resistant plastic refractory is made from corundum, silicon carbide, special grade bauxite raw materials, ultra micro powder, composite binders, additives and plasticizer are added into raw material. It has good plasticity, long storage time, and its strength increases with the raising of temperature, which ensures good mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.

  Technical Data:

Al2O3 % ≥ 70 75 80
Refractoriness ℃ ≥1790 ≥1790 ≥1790
Crushing strength MPa(110℃,24h) 60 65 70
Modulus of rupture MPa(110℃,24h) 10 12 14
Thermal shock resistance(900℃, water cooling) /times 30 30 30
Plasticity index % 20~40 20~40 20~40
Setting types Hot setting Hot setting Hot setting


RS developed plastic refractory is listed into Technique promotion program of Henan Science and Technique Department. It has the advantages of convenient for construction, quick patching, high strength and abrasion resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance, won’t cracking, good airtightness and so on. Wearing resistant plastic refractory is suitable for the construction and quick repairing of CFB boiler working lining.

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