Wearing Resistant Refractory Plastic

RS Group produces various kinds of wearing resistant refractory plastic, including corundum mullite plastic refractory, silicon carbide plastic refractory and other high quality refractory plastic. Wearing resistant refractory plastic is bulk refractory, its main raw materials are calcined refractory aggregate, fireclay, and other binders, they are mixed and tempered to plastic bodies. During construction, pneumatic hammer or manual hammer can be used to ram it into any shapes and thickness.

  Technical Data:

Item Corundum-mullite refractory plastic Silicon carbide refractory plastic
AL2O3 % 65 75 75 / /
SiC % / / / 60 60
Bulk density g/cm3(110℃,24h) 2.50 2.70 2.80 2.40 2.60
Crushing strength (850℃,3h) 70 80 90 60 60
Reheating linear change rate(850℃,3h) -0.4~0 -0.5~0 -0.5~0 -0.5~0 -0.6~0
Thermal shock resistance 30 30 25 35 40
Plasticity index % 15~40


It is multi-application refractory material which can be rammed into different thickness, as it has unique characteristics other refractory materials don’t have. The main applications of wearing resistant refractory plastic are CFB boiler, heating furnace, power plant furnaces and so on, its working effect is very good.

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