Acid proof brick

1.Low water absorption

2.High strength, high wear resistance

3.High acid resistance

4.Not easy to oxidize

5.Not easy to be contaminated by media


The main components of acid proof brick is silica. Acid proof bricks is sintered at high temperature to form larger amount of aluminum enriched andalusite, which has very high acid corrosion resistance. As acid proof brick has tight structure, low water absorption rate, it can also resist to any concentration of alkaline corrosion at room temperature, but it can’t resist high temperature molten alkali corrosion. The content of  SiO2 in acid resistant brick is above 70%. Acid proof bricks are widely used in chemical industry, the main applications are the masonry of acid groove, acid well, acid storage vault and ground where usually suffers the impaction of loaded acid.

The properties of acid proof brick

Acid proof bricks mainly compromises quartz, feldspar, fireclay, when these minerals are oxidized and decomposed at high temperature, the can form corrosion resistant material, which has good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, low water absorption rate, good oxidization resistance at room temperature. Besides, acid proof bricks formed by them are not easy to be contaminated by other media. Except for hydrofluoric acid and furnace process phosphoric acid, acid proof brick has good corrosion resistance to any concentration of acids at room temperature. Acid proof porcelain bricks are usually used at places with high acid content, they are also used at sewage pipe, outdoor working grounds and so on. 

  Technical Data:


Special acid-proof brick

Lightweight acid-proof brick

SiO2(%) ≥



Bulk Density(g/m³)



Cold Crushing Strength(MPa) ≥



Thermal Conductivity W/( m·K)  ≤



Water Absorption(%)  ≤


working face 5

Acid-proof rate(%)  ≤



Service Temperature( ℃)  ≤





The application of acid proof bricks

Acid proof  bricks are widely used in petrol industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, power plant, chemical fiber, paper industry, pharmacy, fertilizer, food, galvanization factory, as well as acid tower, tank, bath, groove and other corrosion resistant projects. Acid proof porcelain bricks are also used at sewage pipe and outdoor grounds.   

The paving craft of acid proof brick

1. Generally, epoxy resin, acid proof mortar, acid proof cement are used for the paving of acid proof bricks.

2. The surface of concrete should be cleaned by oxalic acid to get neutral pH.

3. The joint width is 8~10mm, the depth of the joints is the same with brick thickness to prevent leakage. After paving, the surface of acid proof porcelain bricks should  be cleaned by oxalic acid to make them firmly bonded.

The application of acid proof bricks

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